Allan Correy Award for Design Excellence!

‘Tonight’s Allan Correy Award for Design Excellence is a great joy for me to present and, being very familiar with Allan Correy’s core design values, I know that he would have heartily approved. The company awarded tonight is one that has built an enviable reputation over many years, consistently delivering high quality designs and being recognised many times in these very awards with several gold awards, silver awards and also Best in Category awards. It is an impressive body of work. I would like to make particular mention of the company’s pro bono work, as it reflects an attitude that good quality design should not just be the preserve of the wealthy, and that worthy projects should receive support from those of us who are able to give it. The principal of this company is someone who is passionate about designing high quality landscapes, who also believes strongly in giving back to various communities, and also in the healing power of landscapes to change both people and places.

And so, tonight’s Allan Correy Award for Design Excellence goes to Outhouse Design.’ Catherine Stewart

Award Winning RSPCA project featured on Gardening Australia's television program

"Animal shelters are usually unfriendly environments, but this is a perfect example of bringing life to an area that often has a stigma attached to it. The gardens have softened the surroundings and changed the perception of what you'd expect. The fences around the animal zones are black so they're less noticeable and they're low so you can see what's going on and feel part of it." Costa believes the design principles couble be integrated into any home with pets, because "you might want to protect certain areas, and every backyard has some elements of a pound within it!" The plants at the site are also worth noting. "Steve's plant selection is great for anyone with a high traffic garden - people with animals or kids playing ball sports."

"The Happy Garden" is officially open at the Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick

The Happy Garden at the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick is a magical new fantasy garden created by Outhouse Design, together with the magic of Fairy Sparkle and Art Dinouveau to make a difference in the day-to-day lives of sick children and their families. Outhouse Design gratuitously accepted the challenge to transform the unloved, grey concrete and brick balcony into a colourful, whimsical space with a unique magic all of its own. 

The Happy Garden at Sydney Children’s Hospital is the first of many destined to be created at the various hospitals throughout Australia.

A little space with a big impact!

Originally, this now stunning outdoor room featured an old garage roller door that could be viewed from the main lounge and kitchen area. It was also dark, damp and had a number of palm trees that encouraged bats, and was certainly not a space that you would want to spend any time in.The main request from the owners given to designer Steve Warner of OUTHOUSE design was to create a garden room that would feel modern, clean and had a visible feature with in it. The owners sought a space to feel proud of when entertaining friends — as opposed to having to firmly shut the curtain to hide views of the garage door! There were a couple of small challenges that had to be overcome before the owner’s vision was realised however, mainly to do with the issue of parking and removal of the existing palm trees.“The client wanted to ensure that if she would like to reinstate the off street parking, she could, so the garden was designed and constructed to specifically cater for this".

Leichhardt Mayor opens the 'LadyBird Woodland' at Toxteth Kindergarten, Annandale

Leichhardt Council's Mayor Darcy Byrne and Deputy Mayor Linda Kelly were on hand recently to celebrate the opening of the award winning 'Ladybird Woodland Play and Nature Garden' at Toxteth Kindergarten, Annandale.

The garden, which has just won a Kidsafe 2012 National Playspace Design Award for innovative design, has transformed a narrow concrete corridor into a natural woodland with a winding pathway, bridges, wooden mushroom seating and movable tree trunk forest of plants.

Small Gardens transformed into 'Stylish living spaces'.

While this amazing home would be the envy of most people, the garden certainly wasn’t,” says Steve Warner of OUTHOUSE design who designed the space. “Being only 3.5m wide and 6m long, and enclosed with three-metre high walls, the initial garden felt like a small concrete box.” In summer, the outdoor area was also hot and claustrophobic and in winter it was dank and uninviting — all of which wasn’t very enticing or habitable for the homeowners. The owners had spent a number of years renovating the home, but when it came to the outside area, the space was overwhelming to them. They commissioned OUTHOUSE design after seeing their portfolio of gardens and were also aware that they had recently won the prestigious National AILDM design competition for best residential design. The brief was simple. The owners wanted an outside space that was inviting. It needed to be timeless and to also have a relationship with the house, but retain its own personality.

National Award Winning Toxteth's 'Ladybird Woodland' makes news!

Turning concrete into great outdoors space hasn't only improved the ambience for the children at an Annandale childcare centre, it's also won a national safety design award. The Ladybird Woodland playground transformed a narrow concrete corridor into a woodland with winding pathway, bridges, wooden mushroom seating and movable tree trunk forest of plants. 

The not-for-profit Toxteth Kindergarten unveiled their new extension, which was designed by Outhouse design with pieces created by Andrew Smith Timber Creations using recycled wood, late last month.

Clean Organic

Gone are the straight lines, replaced with a bold open lawn area and oversized organic pavers. Built in timber seating allow plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the welcomed sunlight.

This garden started as a drab box, under heavy shade due to a 3mtr high formal mixed hedge. It was never used, and the hedge concealed great district views. The organic layout creates a more relaxed and inviting feel. Give this garden a few years and the feature magnolia trees will fill the space and unite with the organic rust panels.

Less is More

This traditional terrace has been renovated with such care and pride by the home owners, engaging the services of Philip Goodman of Goodman Building Services. Outhouse design was engaged to create a simple but stylish space that would complement the home and Philips great work. The key request from the client was to keep a clear area of open lawn to enable him to wash his cars, a place to sit and enjoy a glass of wine and relax and a focal point to draw your eye into the garden from the kitchen. This design is a great example of less is more, the organic timber seat was hand crafted and just floats above the sea of mondo grass and is complimented by the seasonal change of the Cercis tree.

Urban Nest

Maybe we need to re connect. Maybe it’s time to get back to the basics, to re charge the battery and just take time out. Maybe it’s time to re- focus on what is truly important, slowing down, reflecting and listening to your soul.So, relax, within the mass planting of the native grasses, the overhead protection of the Tristaniopsis feature trees and curl up in the sun dappled shade for that well deserved Sunday afternoon nap. The evening may bring fun around the camp fire or just mellow into your bean bag with a nice glass of wine. Maybe it's time you had your own Urban Nest by OUTHOUSE design?

A petite garden proves that fresh produce can be grown anywhere

If you have a small inner-city garden or courtyard, you may be thinking that a flourishing vegetable garden is out of reach. However, as this garden shows, space need not be a hindrance and an attractive and productive garden can go hand in hand - and even incorporate a
water feature, a barbecue, seating area and ornamental plants.

When the owners of this garden approached Steve Warner of Outhouse design, they had a clear design brief. They wanted a functional space that would suit the family, which includes young children, with a productive vegetable garden as well as an attractive outdoor entertaining area. The site was the challenge, however,
as it was a petite size of only 10m × 3m, so space maximisation was a key issue.

Manly Vale Community Garden and Playground

Community gardens are opening up all over Australia at an amazing pace. OUTHOUSE design has been working with Warringah Council in it’s first foray into this exciting area and recently celebrated the opening of the Manly Vale Community Garden and playground.

When an open space become available with potential, Warringah Council, saw the opportunity to not just deliver another playground, but to maybe think outside the box and do something different. OUTHOUSE design were selected because of our experience working in, and for, local government.

Outhouse Design receives National Award from the Governor General

OUTHOUSE design has scooped a Kidsafe 2012 National Playspace Design Award for its ‘Ladybird Woodland’ playground for Toxteth Kindergarten in Annandale. Kidsafe Patron and Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia Quentin Bryce AC presented Steve Warner with the award during the National Kidsafe Day celebrations on October 23.

The design transformed a narrow concrete corridor into a natural woodland with a winding pathway, bridges, wooden mushroom seating and a moveable tree trunk forest of plants. It inspires imagination and pretend play, and its inclusive design allows for wheelchair access. All on a very limited budget, with funds raised through parent efforts and a council grant. Check out the Toxteth Kindergarten project in the portfolio gallery.